Waterfall hunting in the Jura Region of France

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JURA REGION, FRANCE – They were treading unfamiliar ground, searching for the path back to their French campsite, when in a moment it appeared: (rising up before them) the torrent spray and crashing roar of water upon rock upon water upon rock.

Often the sweetest discoveries are the most unexpected.

A wrong turn in a new city, a missed bus on the way home – in these moments of accident new adventures are born… new friends found… new memories made.

Lost in France

This was certainly true for photographer Samantha Jane and her family as they explored the wooded hills of the Jura Region in France.

Purely by chance did they stumble across Hérisson Waterfalls – a glistening cascade of 31 falls creased deep into the limestone cliffs. They marvelled a while at the raw power of it all, and then followed the water’s lead…

…it crossed quieter stones, ribboning around moss-covered pebbles, until eventually it tumbled, not just into the sleepy pools on the forest bed, but into the family’s heart forever.

Here is Samantha Jane’s wonderful waterfall wrong turn the Jura Region of France. Enjoy.


Herrisson Waterfalls, Jura, France

What are the Hérisson Waterfalls?

The Hérisson Waterfalls thread their way through the incredible greenery of France’s Hérisson Valley – which lies in a 300km-long arc along the border between France and Switzerland.

Fed by Lake Bonlieu and Lake Ilay, the falls are not simply one or two in number – they are, in fact, a sprinkle of 31 falls which exist alongside the limestone caves and medieval villages of the Jura Region.

Out of the 31 falls in the Hérisson Valley, the most famous are Le Eventail (65m), The Grand Saut (60m), The Gour Bleu, The Saut de la Forge and The Saut Girard (35m).

Where are the Hérisson Waterfalls?

Where to camp in the Jura Region of France

You can camp 6km from the waterfalls and 2km from Chalain Lake with Camping Les Mérilles. This French campsite offers traditional pitches, mobile home and chalet rentals, plus it has entertainment, an outdoor pool, and – wait for it – wifi!

A very big thank you to the beautiful and talented Samantha Jane for all her help in creating this post. And, of course, for her stunning photos.

Have you ever been lost in France?

Or have you ever found something special in another part of Europe? (I found a surprise in Güell Park, Barcelona.)

If you have, tell me about it in the comments box below – I always reply!

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