Are you Gangster Enough to Solve this Online Peaky Blinders Murder Mystery?

Posted on 26th Oct 2020. In


For those of you staying home this autumn, do so by order of the Peaky Blinders. Their dopplegangers, the Pesky Bleeders, will be paying you a cheeky virtual visit live, courtesy of the ‘Flat Caps and Murder’ murder mystery via Zoom.

Join the Pesky Bleeders at 7.30pm on Saturday 7th November from your sofa for 2 hours of gangster sleuthing to solve a bloody mystery: someone has betrayed the Pesky Bleeders, the police are chasing them and a body has been discovered in the cellar. It falls to you to work out whodunnit.

Characters will introduce themselves to you over the evening, you can question them, and you’ll find the hidden clues throughout the night. The clever detectives who solve the murder case first will enjoy free access to the next virtual murder mystery.

Tickets cost just £10 for a household and you’ll get your special Zoom link when you purchase. So put on your best brummie accent, grab your flat hat, and stead your nerves; Mr Shelby will see you now.

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