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If you want a sneak behind the Weekend Candy scenes, Instagram is where you’ll get it. Instagram Stories is the place I go to act the fool and show you what life is really like behind all this pink and shiny stuff. I can’t promise to always look my best or not swear – but hey, it’s about being real, right? Swing by and let’s connect.


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Join the gang on Facebook – we’re a friendly bunch of weekenders, chatting about the places we love and the things we enjoy when Saturday and Sunday come around.


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I’ve curated my Pinterest page – and add to it every week – to give you a treasure trove of weekend ideas and inspiration. So whatever you’re looking for: whether you fancy a weekend getaway in Europe or you want a cosy break at home, there is a board here for you!  Take a look and I promise, you’ll be hooked. I know I am.


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