A weekend in Amsterdam: 6 cool things to do

A weekend in Amsterdam: 6 cool things to do

Amsterdam is a spider-web of a city, where bucolic canals, charming footbridges and cobbled side-streets offer surprises on every mid-17th century corner.

Around one corner, the stepped gable façade of a merchant’s house; around another, a Michelin-starred restaurant; next you’re gazing at the work of the troubled geniuses of the Dutch Golden Age – Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Fitting it all into a weekend can be tricky, but it’s certainly possible. For a quick guide to get your planning started, here are my top 6 Amsterdam must-dos. Enjoy.

 My 6 Amsterdam must-dos


Weekend in Amsterdam - Pin for Later

1. Soak it up – by hiring a bike

A bike is a rusty ‘n’ trusty fundamental in Amsterdam; it’s cheap, it’s green, it’s how all Amsterdammers get around, royalty and riff-raff alike. It’s egalitarianism on wheels, for hire all year round. You’ll find places to rent a bike all around the city.

My favourites are: Canal Bike and Yellow Bike

Girl on Bike in Amsterdam

2. Lay your head – where Rembrandt laid his

Jordaan: This former poverty-pit and final home of the bankrupt Rembrandt, is today the epicenter of Amsterdam’s independent art scene. A romantic haven of crooked streets, boutique shops, bountiful galleries and canal-house hotels.

Need a play to stay? Budget Places

Westertoren Jordaan Amsterdam

3. Sights taste better – with a canal view

Amsterdam by open-topped boat is a wind-in-your-hair must. Especially exploring the mighty 400-year-old Canal Ring – recently added to the UNESCO world heritage list. If that doesn’t float your boat, the remarkable canal-side mansion house museums will.

For an instant trip: Amsterdam Canal Cruise

Tourist boat on canal in Amsterdam

4. A classic evening – starts with art-house cinema

The EYE Film Institute Netherlands is a film buff’s mecca, just 3 minutes’ free ferry ride from Amsterdam Central Station. This mothership of cinema regularly plays host to screenings, shows, and festivals. If it’s on, it’s inside.

Discover what’s on: EYE

Eye Cinema Amsterdam from the outside

5. Drink to you – in a famous hang-out

For a thick slice of intellectual hubbub, try Café Welling. Much-loved hangout of Holland’s literary crowd, this ‘bruine café’ has the traditional dark-wood paneling and tobacco-stained walls you’d expect. Open weekdays and weekends.

Where is it? Café Welling

Woman in bar in Amsterdam

6. Eat like a king – where the food is a masterpiece

They say no one comes to Amsterdam to eat. Clearly they haven’t eaten at Restaurant Greetje. Here, inelegant cuisine is out, whilst old-fashioned local classics are in your mouth and entirely devoured, quicker than you can say ‘Dutch masterpiece’.

Book your spotRestaurant Greetje

Steak Sandwich Close-up

Take you there?

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What top tips do you have for a short trip to Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. February 17, 2017 / 11:10 am

    It would be wonderful to visit any place that Rembrandt visited. This guide is so wonderful, Claire.

  2. March 6, 2017 / 1:17 am

    Amsterdam is so adorable place, I also want to visit there when I have a lot of free time. Great write up indeed!

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