Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds

Escape a Martian Invasion in London

Escape the Martian invasion in this incredible multi-sensory experience!

Ground-breaking tech, live theatre and sensory stimulation come together in this incredible layered reality experience retelling the story of War of the Worlds.

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds, the award-winning double album,  has now been transformed into a contemporary immersive experience by Jeff Wayne in partnership with dotdotdot, creators of SOMNAI, the Gold winner at the London Design Awards in 2018.

The experience is set in HG Wells’ Victorian England – with an added twist of steampunk – at the time of the Martian invasion. Combining exciting modern technologies, such as volumetric capture, groups of 12 people are led through a tapestry of war-torn England, bringing the novel and Jeff Wayne’s musical interpretation to life in ten rooms spread over 22,000 sq ft.   

You walk, crawl and travel through the experience, as they become part of the action in defending humanity. You experience virtual and augmented reality, holographic projection, live actors, projection mapping theatre, haptic technology, and sensory stimulation to heighten emotional and instinctive responses.

  • Tickets start from £49.50
  • Lasts 110 minutes, which includes a 20-minute intermission in the immersive Red Weed Bar
  • A UK first of technology, theatre and sensory simulation



Escape a Martian Invasion in London
56 Leadenhall Street

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