Want to appear on Weekend Candy?

If you’re hungry to connect with weekenders, I want to hear from you!

We’re always looking out for unique, interesting, quirky places to go on a weekend or things to do so we can recommend you either through The Weekend Wishlist Directory or in a feature article.

Whether you’re a brand new business or a well-established brand, if you’re the right fit for Weekend Candy (full of passion, sass, a sense of humour and a love of good times), then get in touch.

What businesses and brands fit the bill?

Weekend Candy exists to help people create memories and moments on a weekend that they’ll remember forever. If you feel you can offer something truly special to make a someone’s weekend become truly memorable, then you belong on here!

Perhaps you’re a new café with a hip vibe that you want to share with weekenders? Maybe you’re a cute place to stay that would quicken the pulses of short break lovers?

Who is the Weekend Candy reader?

The Weekend Candy readers are predominantly strong, independent women with a huge sense of humour and love of life. They’re sociable, intelligent, adventurers who don’t want to be stuck behind a load of ironing at the weekend.

They seek news things to try and new places to go so that their weekends always feel rich and nurturing and memorable. Our readers want to hear about authentic, new experiences that are more than just run of the mill. They seek things that make them feel alive so that they can recommend them to their friends.

What are the benefits of getting featured in a lead article?

Getting editorial on a Weekend Candy article is not only easy and affordable, it can put your business in front of a huge new audience.

What’s more, unlike an editorial in a magazine or newspaper, when you appear on Weekend Candy you’re on here forever; not for the life of the publication. Plus, I make sure every article is optimised to rank on Google so you’re sure to be found by motivated users actively searching for what you offer.

Better still, a full article by Weekend Candy featuring your business is a professional piece of editorial – written by an award-winning writer – that you can link to from your website. Should you choose to have photos and videos created alongside your article, then you get professional quality content that’s yours to keep to showcase your business, brand or destination in the very best light. 

If you’re interested in having an article written about your small business, brand or destination, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and see how we can work together.


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