The Haunted House that Inspired The Conjuring is Live Streaming Tonight!

Posted on 8th May 2020. In


Get set for a week-long stream from the real-life ‘Conjuring’ house

I ain’t afraid of no ghost, you may say, but this real-life haunted house is here to test you! Yes, brave folks, the creaky home inspired Hollywood’s 2013 horror film, The Conjuring, is streaming its sinister activities LIVE for one week – starting tonight!

From 9th May, experience the spirit of the creepy 1736 Rhode Island farmhouse – literally. Watch as the paranormal activities of the house and the people who live there are live streamed 24/7, (12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT).

In collaboration with Dark Zone Network, an online group of filmmakers and paranormal experts, the current residents (who are, happily enough, also paranormal investigators) will explore spooky activity, host a Ouija board sessions ad invite paranormal experts to come and share their tales of the house – including author Andrea Perron, who took part in the original Conjuring haunting.

The film is based on true events at the farmhouse in which the real-life Perron family were terrorised by a spirit. They lived in the house from 1970-1980, before the haunting became too much and they fled the house.

The spirit that features in The Conjuring is thought to be based on one of the occupants of the house, Bathsheba Sherman, who lived there in 1812 and is believed to have practiced witchcraft before a child died suspiciously under her care.

Each of the 12 cameras around the house are ready to capture all of the strange activity that, it’s reported, happens there: flashing lights, doors slamming, footsteps and knocks.

You can join in the ghostly events for a small donation: $4.99 buys you a 24-hour session; $19.99 buys you a week’s worth of streaming pleasure (with a portion of the proceeds going to coronavirus related charities).


Pic credit: The Dark Zone, You Tube

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