This weekend: 26th and 27th Jan

Posted on 7th May 2019.


Thank goodness the weekends come around quickly because I’m about ready for some fun, even if it is only Wednesday!

To get over ‘hump day’ (do you hate that expression as much as me?), I’ve had a dig for some things to do around the UK this weekend and listed six things that tickle my fancy below. 

Hopefully, they’ll tickle yours too. But if you need more ideas for the weekend, my Weekend Directory can connect you with brilliant and unique businesses who can add a spring to your weekend step. As always, if you do end up going to one of the sweet things below, drop into the comments to let me know!


Stratford-Upon-Avon | Museum Ghost Tour

Sat 26th & Sun 27th | 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

Although I’ve spent two weekends in Stratford of late, I’ve still yet to do this: a guided tour of a 400-year-old museum by lantern light. In the daytime, the museum is known as Tudor World (the history geek in me in desperate to go to this too), but as night falls the lights go off and the ghostly evening begins.

The building itself has been described as ‘the most haunted building in England’ by Horrible History author, Terry Deary, and there have been reports of ghostly occurrences. Whether or not you’ll see a spook, it’s sure to be a fun night – and it’s a ‘dead’ affordable way to spend an hour: £7.50 pp, with a discount if you’ve visited the museum during the day.

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Bristol | Run for Chocolate

Sun 27th | 10am

Surely, there is only one answer to this: pass me the good stuff, sunshine. I mean, running for chocolate – who would say no to that? It’s a no brainer.

This 5km run, walk or jog is all about getting fit for fun and not putting enormous pressure on anyone to be or do anything except have a laugh.

At the end of the event – which takes place at Oldbury Court Estate in Bristol – runners are rewarded with a medal, plenty of cheers and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. It costs £20.00 for adults to take part and £5 for children.

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Plymouth | Wassailing at Saltram House

Sat 26th | 5pm – 7pm

Head to the beautiful surroundings of Saltram House in Devon this weekend and a traditional treat awaits you: wassailing in the orchard.

Wassailing is an ancient countryside celebration generally practiced in cider-bearing regions like Devon and Somerset, on 12th night. The wassailing, or blessing of the fruit trees, involves drinking and singing to the health of the trees in the hope that they will provide a bountiful harvest in the autumn.

This weekend, join the estate as they gather in the orchard for to ward off evil spirits, then indulge in some traditional food, juice and cider around a bonfire once the wassailing is over.

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Surrey | ‘The Favourite’ Costume Exhibition

Until 10th March, Hampton Court Palace

I’ve still yet to catch the film, but if you have – and you liked it as much as other movie-goers – then get yourself to Hampton Court Palace this weekend.

Costumes from the film are on display in the Cartoon Gallery and include Rachel Weisz’s black ballgown that she wore as Sarah, as well as Emma Stone’s lady in waiting dress and her denim maid’s outfit that she wore as Abigail.

You’ll also see Queen Anne’s simple nightgown, in which Olivia Colman performed some of the film’s most moving scenes – many of which were also filmed in the palace and are included in the price of your ticket.

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Nottingham | Historical Pub Tour

Sun 27th  | 7pm – 9:45pm

The perfect way to get under the skin of this ancient city. Join one of Visit Nottingham’s historical figures, Madame Parboiled (the dungeoneer’s wife), as she leads you to some of Nottingham City’s Famous pubs.

Learn about the history of these fascinating buildings and some of the guests who died and just won’t leave. Treat yourself to some of the local ales whilst listening to local tales and some of the stories behind the naming of the pubs.

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Newcastle O2 Academy | Stone Roses Tribute

Sat 26th | 12pm – 3pm

Hands up, who’s also a Stone Roses fan over the age of 40? You too, huh. I’ve never seen them in concert (although I did meet Ian Brown at the Big Breakfast; a story for another time) so I’d definitely be at the front of this gig by the – wait for it – Clone Roses (genius).

This brilliant tribute to the Roses features all the classics including ‘Waterfall’ ‘Made of Stone’ ‘This is the One’ and of course ‘I am the Resurrection.’

The band have nailed the Roses’ vibe: the clothes, instruments, swagger and stage mannerisms are perfection and the musical accuracy is spot on. In fact, so good are these geezers, that Roses bass player, Mani, apparently said: “I can’t believe it’s not butter, the second best Stone Roses in the world.”

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