The Beauty of Palma De Mallorca

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PALMA DE MALLORCA – I’ll let you into a secret, I wasn’t a fan.

I used to scoff at the thought of visiting Palma: package holidays, all-day breakfast, EasyJet, liver-tanned Brits. Oh no, ‘that Palma place’ just wasn’t my cup of tea. Well, how very dare I.

Because today, I actually visited Palma de Mallorca.

I visited the Palma that offers seductive glimpses into a past flavoured with aristocratic and monastic influences.

The Palma that’s home to one of the finest examples of European Gothic cathedrals in the Mediterranean.

The Palma that has a Las Ramblas that (in my opinion) leaves Barcelona standing cold.

The Palma that’s blistering with cafes, colonnades, courtyards, marinas, modernism, warmth, soul, youth, heart…

So, in case you’re thinking of visiting Palma de Mallorca, here’s a quick photo tour of some of the sights that made my heart hula. I’m sure you’ll be smitten too. And to Palma de Mallorca I say sorry – sorry for my snobbery and ignorance: you are my new favourite city.

 Have you visited Palma?

What did you like or dislike about the city?

Make a comment below and let me know!


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