By the Sea

A weekend by the coast is ALWAYS a good idea. Start your planning here with my weekend guides. Every itinerary has been tried and tested by me, or by a seasoned travel blogger or writer – approved by me – so you get uniquely designed weekends by the sea that you can enjoy.

The Fallen Angel, Cornwall. A Review.

Folded into sub-tropical gardens, bible-black amongst the green, with a gaze fixed on the fishing-boat bob of Mousehole, is a bolthole sinful enough to bring the Devil to his knees.

Top 10 Wellbeing Weekends in the UK

Welcome to 2018 friends. If, like me, you’re ready to slip into something a little healthier this year, then take a look at these 10 healthy weekend breaks from around the UK.

A Legendary Weekend in South West Wales

Beneath the ancient castles and mystical landscape are modern legends that’ll stir your passions just as quickly as the ancient tales will.

A Surf and Yoga Weekend in Portugal

Underneath the monastic minimalism of the Tipi Valley surf and yoga retreat, there lies a rich seam of goodness that quietly unpacks your modern baggage, one home comfort at a time. “Oh boy, this is going to take a bit of getting used to.” We’d arrived into a hidden...

24 Hours in Teignmouth, Devon

There’s a mystery that hangs over Teignmouth in Devon. You sense it in every plaintive seagull call and in every peak and break of the waves on the deserted front. It’s the compelling, yet heart-breaking enigma of amateur Teignmouth sailor, Donald Crowhurst – whose...

48 Hours In Southend, Essex

With the likes of Margate, Hastings and Whitstable hogging the hip seaside limelight, sunny Southend-on-Sea is a coastal town that’s often overlooked. In fact, this Essex seaside town has got a bit of a bad rap over the years for being old-fashioned, slightly tacky...